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Changelog vom 18.01.2014

Sunwell Plateau fixes
- Optimizations to the base instance script.

The Arcatraz fixes
- Optimizations to the base instance script.

The Slave Pens fixes
- Optimizations to the base instance script.

Halls of Reflection fixes
- Optimizations to the Lich King event script.

Quest fixes
- Fixed the Quests: This Just In, Fire Still Hot!, The Cleansing the Scar, Swift Discipline, The Sprouted Fronds, Drain Schematics, Slaves of the Stormforged, To Fordragon Hold!, Surveying the Ruins, Still At It,
A Dark Influence, Boiling Point, There's Something Going On In Those Caves, Book of the Ancients, Tempering The Blade, Redeeming the Dead, March of the Giants, Or Maybe We Don't, A hero's Burden, Wooly Justice, Words for Delivery, Lupus Pupus, Burn Skorn, Burn!, Towers of Certain Doom, The Broken Front, Zeth'Gor Must Burn!, Defiling Uther's Tomb, An Improper Burial, You Can't Miss Him, Battling the Elements, Krolmir, Hammer of Storms, The Vile Hold

NPC fixes
- Continued conversion from `creature_ai` to `smart_ai`.
- Continued conversion of Event AI to Smart AI.
- Continued conversion from scripted text to creature text.
- Various NPC fixes. (Gossip, waypoints, spawns, ...)

RBAC / commands fixes
- Improved the `.group` command.
- Re-factored code
- Continued re-factoring of the transports system (major).
- Continued re-factoring of the movement system.
- Continued re-factoring of the anti-DOS system.
- Continued re-factoring of the logging system.

Misc. fixes
- Various fixes to the Hallow's End event.
- Various db error fixes (introduced in rev 9.8.2).
- Various typo fixes.
- Various exploit fixes.
- Various memory leak fixes.
- Various crash fixes.